K'Lee's guide to Mother's Day: What mums really want!

K'Lee's guide to Mother's Day: What mums really want!

Our resident super-mum with all the tips you need to nail Mother's Day this weekend!

I love Mother’s Day & I hate it all at the same time.

I hate it because I never get to celebrate it with my own mother (and sisters who are mothers too) - They’re honorary 'Mozzies' now lol.

But I love it, because I’m a mother! A mother to 5, beautiful, crazy, drive-me nuts and test every ounce of my patience and intelligence, Tamariki.

This year is a little more important for me, because after going into premature labour and having my baby girl at 29 weeks, it’s been a trying year of my ability to be a mum - both mentally and physically.

I think it’s safe to say ‘I’m not the only mum’ who just wants the best future for their babies.

Who hopes their kids feel loved, happy, safe, heard and seen.I know I’m not the only mother who prays they’re doing a great job raising their brood, stressing over the little things like school, work, sports, are my kids respectful, do they have manners?!

Don’t get me wrong, when my 3 year old flips the bird at an old lady because she thinks it’s funny, or my 7 year old yells ‘yeah!, Mutha Trucker’ while shooting a packet of toilet paper into the trolley in Pack n Save - I do question where they get that from (Answer is always their father btw lol)

My 13 year old son, who's very sensitive, caring, and I can safely say right now ‘he’s one heck of a gentleman’, asked me:

I should convey, he said "I don’t have a lot of money, but what is it I can do?"…. I really had to think to myself!

I joke all the time I want a trip by myself to a tropical island, where I can sip on a margaritas and bask in the sunshine - have some peace and quiet!

But the reality is I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! I’d miss all the screaming, the millions of ‘mum’ questions - ‘mum can I eat chocolate for breakfast?’ I’d miss being the cook, the nurse, the referee ‘Mum, so and so is being mean!’ ‘Mum he hit me first!’ Carry on.

So I asked my squad of mothers ‘what they REALLY wanted for Mother’s Day’. And despite the jokes of wanting to escape our family and reality you might be pleasantly surprised it may not actually break your bank.

Here's what we came up with:

While a new pair of kicks, a massage, or a new bottle of perfume would be nice...

The handmade cards, stolen flowers from your neighbours garden, and that attempt at a homemade breakfast, even if the toast is a little burnt- is still a winner.

A clean, tidy house never goes too far.

Peace and quiet is high on the list, but snuggly cuddles, loving kisses and quality time spent together was high on all my Mama gangs list.

It’s not like we don’t get these things on the regular, it’s the fact that we can stop thinking about the ‘To do list’, the checklist of never ending responsibilities and just enjoy a day dedicated to giving or growing life. A day to make heart felt memories.

By K'Lee McNabb

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