Kiwi bloke catches daily limit of crays before the anchor is even set

This cray catch was totally cray cray.

One dude and his whānau are in for a mean feed after catching ten crays before his mate even got the anchor down.

The massive catch was posted by Farm 4 Life, a Facebook page run by dairy farmer Tangaroa Walker. In the video, Walker shows off some absolutely massive crayfish that he caught off the Southland coast, as well as some Kina as well. 

The first two crays he pulls out of his catch bag are locked in a scrap with each, or, as Walker puts it, “munching each other”.

The real star of the video is the last cray in the catch bag, who is “a beast” that Walker takes the better half of a minute to wrestle out of the bag.

Walker says, in a video on his LinkTree, that he loves free diving because he's not the worst thing in the sea.

“There’s bigger greater uglier things out in the sea that wanna eat you. The adrenaline is literally pumping through your blood when you see a shadow.”

Lucky for the dairy farmer, he did not have much time to get scared down there, as he was only in the water for ten minutes before catching all that crayfish. 

I mean, we're happy for the guy but there's been too many times we've come back to land with nothing but an empty chilly bin, a bunch of excuses, and a decision to get UberEats instead.