Taika Waititi pays tribute to gf and 'bestie' Rita Ora for Valentines day

Taika Waititi pays tribute to gf and 'bestie' Rita Ora for Valentines day

The couple were friends for years before they started dating!

One of our own, Taika Waititi has paid tribute to his girlfriend and "bestie" Rita Ora for Valentines day in a post that revealed they met years before the started their relationship. 

The 46-year-old filmmaker, who started dating Rita in 2021, posted a picture of the pair from before they had started dating for Valentines day.

He captioned the post "First photo the night we met four years ago. We've been mates ever since. Then a year ago we decided to "complicate" things but it just got easier. Happy Valentines Day to my bestie".

Many of the pairs celebrity friends commented on the post including Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson, Actress' Kate Beckingsdale and Blake Lively and Comedian Celeste Barber. 

'Let me love you' singer Rita was soon to post in return as she shared an assortment of photos of her and Waititi with her 16 million followers in which she thanked her boyfriend for “being cool” and “entertaining”.

Waititi also posted a selection of photos captioned 'Boyfriends of Instagram' showing him assisting in taking photos of Rita.

When asked about having a family with Waititi, Rita explained that while she "loves" the idea having a family one day, she chose to freeze her eggs so she could "stop worrying" about her body clock.

She said: "I’d love to have a nice big family. And I think as women, we put that pressure on ourselves, subconsciously, because we feel like that is our duty – to create and give life. So, I just wanted to not worry about it. And I didn’t after, and it was the best thing I ever did.”

We wish Taika and Rita a long and happy future together!