WATCH: 7 times Steven Adams manhandled his opposition in the NBA

WATCH: 7 times Steven Adams manhandled his opposition in the NBA

Yesterday we posted up a video of Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams absolutely manhandling Tony Bradley during the Grizzlies vs Bulls game.

Adams has built a reputation as an enforcer in the NBA, so we wanted to put together a list of his roughest and toughest moments in the league. Here they are in no particular order:

7: Dunking on the King

This is definitely one he'll be telling the grandkids about, the time where he posterised one of the greatest players to ever play the game. 

6: Accidentally KOing his own teammate

Now this is probably not one he looks back on too fondly due to it being friendly fire, but it's still kinda impressive all things considered. Adams is a bit of a master at setting screens (in fact it makes up most of this list), but this time his own teammate was accidentally on the receiving end of those big Tongan shoulders.

5: 'That' dunk against the Raptors

Big Steve flexed his strength and his hops during this 2017 game against the Raptors, and even busted out his own celebration afterwards which you don't often see from the big man.

4: The screen against Isaiah Thomas

Now we wouldn't go as far as saying Steve is a bully on the court, because he'll have a go at anyone no matter their size, but in this scenario Steve definitely picked on the smallest bloke on the court.

3: The great wall of Tonga

Back at it with the brutal screens, this time it's Damian Lillard who's found himself on the receiving end of Steve's patented shoulders. 

2: Manhandling Tony Bradley 

We've covered this already but we just haaaaaave to chuck it in again.

1: Sending Pat Beverley into next week

This has to be Steve's most brutal screen of all time, and that's saying quite a lot considering his reputation. Fair play to Pat for getting up and dusting himself off, but he'll never forget the day when Steve showed him who the biggest dog in the yard truly is.