You can now get drive-through hāngī at Mitai Māori Village

You can now get drive-through hāngī at Mitai Māori Village

26 August 2022 3:32PM

Rotorua tourist attraction 'Mitai Māori Village' is offering a pretty unique fast food experience, drive through hāngī, in an attempt to capitalise on a gap in the market.

On Friday, Mitai Māori Village is offering a service where customers can pre-book and pre-pay for their kai before collecting the goods without having to get out of the car!

Mitai Māori Village, like a lot of tourism hot spots around the country, has been hit hard by COVID-19, shutting it's doors to visitors on March 23.

Owner Wetini Mitai-Ngatai spoke to NZME, saying that his staff were keen to get back into mahi and test out this new approach.

"We don't want to sit around here looking like a carving. It's a new thing for us but everyone's excited," he said.

And you won't see any Multi-Kai-Cookers around here, the village keep it traditional, using hot stones and a hole in the ground.

"I enjoy it because it's a real full-flavoured hāngī."

Mitai Māori Village was also offering free delivery for orders of 10 or more hāngī.

As part of this new approach to their business, the village are also planning to launch a new food truck business to sell paleo and vegan-friendly hāngī from different locations around Rotorua.

Awesome mahi Mitai Māori Village! Check out their website HERE

Credit to NZME and Kelly Makiha for the story.