WATCH: The emotional moment heroic 11-year-old Kiwi boy wins a surprise trip to Australia

WATCH: The emotional moment heroic 11-year-old Kiwi boy wins a surprise trip to Australia

Normally radio stations keep to their own content, but this story is simply too beautiful not to share...

A big brother who shows remarkable kindness to a younger sibling with severe brain damage has been rewarded for his "heart of gold" in a competition run by our good friends over at More FM. 

Alize, 11, burst into tears when host Jay-Jay Feeney revealed the surprise on the radio as he listened live with his mum.

His nana, Vicky, nominated him to fly to the Gold Coast as part of More FM's annual Jingle Bail trip as a gesture of appreciation. 

On the phone with hosts, Jason Gunn, Paul Flynn and Jay-Jay Feeney, Vicky told them about her "amazing" grandson who acts as three-year-old Andre's "guardian angel" who arrived prematurely at just 24 weeks with a twin that didn't survive. 

"He just does everything that needs to be done without asking," she said. 

After hearing about the phenomenal job Alize does with the family's hard times as young Andre fights through challenges, Jay-Jay relayed some good news. 

"We are going to put him on that plane with the rest of those kids, and Koru Care NZ is sending him to the Gold Coast, for more fun than he's ever had." 

As the announcement went out live on the air, Alize was sitting with his mum in the car who had been given a heads up from nana to tune in. 

She told Newshub the good news was just as much of a surprise to her and struggled to hold the phone straight as she recorded Alize's reaction through her own happy tears. 

Alize's mum Danni Rasmussen told Newshub the bond the two boys share is "one of a kind".

Andre isn't able to talk ahead of his fourth birthday in January and is blind but despite his adversities is "the happiest little guy". 

She says Alize is a phenomenal child who cares for Andre and carries a lot of responsibility to make sure people are happy.  

"He's always been complimented on how amazing his manners are, how grateful he is for everything - he's really reached so many hearts much before this video." 

Recently, when Alize asked his mum for a $1 to buy some lollies from the local shop she became suspicious when he wasn't coming back with any food. 

She later found out from the diary owner, each time Alize visited the diary, he was giving the money to a homeless man who sits nearby. 

Dannii says that although she's been through hard times as a single mother of three, she wouldn't change a thing about their family. 

"It's been such a miracle. Nothing but a blessing to have Andre." 

She says their family wouldn't be who they are without him and is grateful for the support of her two parents who are immensely supportive.

At the time of publishing, the video with Alize's reaction has been viewed more than one million views. 

Jay-Jay took to her Facebook page later just hours after the call to share the video. 

"I had a bit of a cry at work today. When I watched this amazing video of a kid who has been nominated for Jingle Bail. He's SO SO SO awesome." 

The group of children will travel to the Gold Coast with Koru Care NZ. To donate to the trip click here