Ethan Rusbatch - Canterbury Rams Basketballer


The Canterbury Rams Basketball team are back in 2014 with a new style, a new Rambo and new players!
On of those players is young Ethan Rusbatch here is a little more information on the talented new Ram: 
Basketball for me began at a very young age, I was making buckets before I was walking even.
A number of my family members play/played back in the day; including my mum and aunt. My Uncle Kenny Perkins also played his name may be familiar to some people as he used to be a Ram back in the day. Watching him growing up always made me want to play basketball and be a 'ram' just like him.
Growing up in Twizel I didn't really get the opportunity to play or be introduced to any quality basketball, but I still loved the sport!
It wasn't until my family and I moved to Wellington, that I received the opportunity to really experience my passion for basketball. I was attending regular camps and after school basketball programs along side players like Brook Ruscoe and Dion Prewster who I get to play in the NBL this year.
After playing, living and breathing basketball in Wellington for 3 years, my family and I moved down to Christchurch (I was about 10 at this point.)
A few months went by and I heard about some Canterbury trials for an under 12 team, I was all about it so I rolled up and trialed.
Made that team and from then until now I've played for Canterbury age groups every year and won nationals twice.
My Canterbury days gave me numerous amounts of opportunities. e.g. Representing NZ, Captaining a NZ team, attending a NBA camp where i met current and ex NBA players, played in America for a year.(All this except playing in the US was during high school).
I attended Cashmere high and played every year I was there, although I cant recall all the teams I played for during high school, my greatest achievement for our basketball team would have been winning South Islands and going on to place 6th at nationals which is the best a Cashmere team has ever done.
Once high school was over I had NBL teams pestering me to play for them, I eventually gave in and played the last month of the 2012 season with the Southland Sharks.
In 2013 i moved on to the Taranki Mountaineers for the season and got my first look at playing quality minutes and even starting some games. After the season had finished in Taranaki I moved back to Christchurch and started hearing rumors about a Canterbury Rams team coming back into the league for 2014 for the first time since 2008.
Which brings me to now! Playing for the Canterbury Rams just like how my uncle used too.
My basketball won't stop here in Christchurch, I'm only 21 so have a few more good years left in me. My goal is to hopefully play overseas somewhere at some point in my career but for now the mission is to get a championship for Rams. chuuuuuur

(Don't think I've done too bad for a basketballer born in Timaru and living a good 6 years of my life in Twizel. They were some fun times, however i don't think id be playing for the Rams if i still lived in Twizel.)


Nickname: I guess as I played for more and more teams, team mates and coaches started calling me E as a nick name. Not very exciting but it stuck.

Position: during my career I've had the chance to play every position cause of my size but have settled for a small forward which really still allows me to do a little bit of everything.
Player number: #12 for life, first number I ever had! 

Christchurch home: Moved around a couple times when we first moved back to chch trying to find a home but finally moved to Hoon Hay and have been here ever since. Inga Solofuti (fellow Ram) just lives around the corner. Been playing basketball with him since i moved here, Still buddies!!! who would have thought we'd play Rams together. !!!!Fun facts!!!!!! lol

Favorite basketball moment: uuuuuuuum too many to name just one, but its always good winning tournaments and being number 1. Going to play in America was definitely a favorite moment and dunking! Every dunk I've ever had.

Favorite player: Lebron James, i try and copy things he does and also Michael Jordan of course. If i could steal anyones talent though it would be Lebron James.

Fun Facts: I can also grow a really good beard in a matter of minutes and I probably have the nicest socks in the world. (They'll be seen at the games).

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'If you never know what shoes to wear just put chuck taylors on, they go with anything.' Ethan Rusbatch
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