Win thanks to KFC


Mai Lunch breaks with KFC are bringing you Aotearoa’s hottest DJs mixing up your favourite Hip Hop and RnB tracks and heating it up all thanks to KFC’s Original Rebel, the Double Down.

Two new flavours! Eat it. Own it!

Head to your nearest KFC and grab either
The Bacon Lovers Hash. Double chicken, bacon, double cheese topped with Baconanise sauce and a crispy hash brown.


Zinger Chipotle - It’s hot! Double zinger fillets and cream chipotle mayo with fiery jalapenos. It’s one for the spice lovers!

Keep it locked from 12pm each weekday for a 30 minute LIVE DJ mix all thanks to KFC.PLUS text “KFC” to 463 for your chance to win you and your workplace a free feed!