Win a Shapes Flavour Kit and be ready for the ultimate Shapes Flavour Battle!


Mai are getting behind the ultimate Shapes Flavour Battle and you should too!

Shapes flavours are going head-to-head in an all out tournament style battle to find out New Zealand's favourite Shapes flavour.

You know we’re all about Cheese and Bacon… but Pizza is up there and we can’t forget CHICKEN CRIMPY! How will we choose?!

Do you know you FAVOURITE Shape flavour? Have you actually tried them all?

Be prepared to pick from Barbeque, Pizza, Chicken Crimpy, Cheese & Bacon, Cheddar, Flame Grilled BBQ, Roast Chicken and Nacho Cheese.

It’s up to you to decide the winning flavour.

Vote for your favourite flavour HERE and keep Mai locked for your chance to win a Shapes Flavour Battle Kit, that includes all 8 competing flavours so you and your mates can try them all before you vote!

The wait is on. What will be New Zealand's champion Shapes flavour?
Shapes Flavour Battle! Vote now.