Do you have what it takes to become a cop?


Looking at starting a career? Maybe even changing? Have you considered New Zealand Police?

Wearing the uniform that protects our community. Knowing everyday you could change someone’s life.

But the only thing holding you back is all those ‘need to know’ answers that you don’t have yet.

Well New Zealand Police are here to help you out, and so are we.

We’ve put together a multi-choice quiz for you to do. It’s got all the answers you need to apply.

Go ahead, do the quiz. And if you get stuck, New Zealand Police have released an EPIC new recruitment video and a website with videos from over 80 staff who might be able to help.

But wait there’s more! If you register and do the quiz, you could score yourself a $200 Prezzy Card from Mai FM.

So go on. Give the quiz a crack!

And if they’ve answered all your questions apply now, or if you have more go to