The Bachelor NZ 2017's cattiest moment

Vids 24/05/2017

During the Women Tell All episode, a prime nominee for cattiest moment of the year on The Bachelor NZ was revealed.

The previously unseen segment of the show was a showdown between two teams: Claudia and Rosie versus Katey and Lucia.

It started with Claudia being called "pucker lips" by one of the girls as she was taken away by Zac for a private chat.

Later, after some encouragement from Rosie, Claudia confronted Katey and Lucia over the comments to tell them they looked "silly" in front of Zac.

Of course, Katey and Lucia didn't take kindly to the comments and made disparaging remarks about Claudia after she left them - to share her own disparaging remarks about them with her buddy Rosie.

"Just because you have a tit job and f**king kissed Zac first... good on you, bitch," raged Lucia, behind Claudia's back.

"She can go f**k herself if she ends up with Zac."

The scene was played at the Women Tell All event in front of all of the argument's participants, whose reactions were watched by fans in real time.

To see how they responded, the full episode can be viewed on