Sad scenes as whole pipi bed washes up at Waihi Beach

Vids 15/03/2017

Facebook user Jeanette McCallum shared a heartbreaking video to her Facebook page last night.

The video reveals that thousands of pipis lay dead on the North End of Waihi Beach.

Jeanette posed the question of what could have caused this whole bed of pipis to lay on the beach asking if it was to do with the 'flushing out reservoir and killing our pipe beds with dirty water?'

Many people took to the comments section to share how they thought it could happen.

After effects of the floods were thought to be a common cause while others said it happens every few years after bad weather. 

One commenter, Hinemarie said, "Pipis are the health indicators of the moana. When the pipis run out of the water its an indicator of poor water health. Last time I saw this was when the rena hit the reef. 3km stretch of beach millions of pipi died"