Passengers and crew panic as AirAsia flight plunges 20,000 feet

video 17/10/2017

Passengers on an AirAsia flight have spoken out about the moment of panic, when their aircraft plunged 20,000 feet.

Flight QZ535 was just one hour into its journey from Perth to Bali on Sunday morning, when a technical issue caused the cabin to lose pressure. 

Passengers were instructed to get into a brace position, as the plane plunged from 32,000 feet to 10,000 feet.

Video shows a cabin crew member yelling "Passengers get down, get down", before oxygen masks dropped from above.

However, the frantic airline crew further panicked the flight's 145 passengers.

"The panic was escalated, because of the behaviour of staff, who were screaming and looked tearful," passenger Clare Askew said.

Once the pilot gained control of the aircraft, they returned to Perth.

Most passengers boarded the next flight on Sunday, with some hesitant to fly.

In a statement, AirAsia said: "The safety of our guests is our utmost priority. AirAsia Indonesia apologises for any inconvenience caused."

The airline said engineers are currently examining the aircraft, trying to determine what went wrong.