Soulja Boy is shamed in the hood & says sorry to Chris Brown

Hip Hop Hollywood 05/01/2017

Soulja Boy has apologised for his war of words with Chris Brown, but not before being mocked over an unfortunate venture into 'the hood'.

The 'Girl You Stank' rapper has published a video on Instagram saying his mother is ill, he's sorry for his actions and instead of fighting Chris Brown, he now wants to make music with him.

Chris Brown, Soulja Boy feud turns nasty with violent threats, sexual slurs

His apology follows an Instagram live video in which he was attempting to prove his connection to the streets, which is rebuffed sharply by an unhappy stranger.

"They say Soulja ain't from the hood," he says while putting his arm around the shoulders of the man.

"Get off me!" the man retorts, throwing his arm off.

Soulja Boy's broadcast of the altercation then becomes a blur as his phone is thrown to the ground. Another recording of the same interaction shows him apparently pretending to square up for a fight, while walking backwards so his associates can stop anything from happening.

"Stop all that weird ass shit you got cracking n**ga, before I really knock you out," the man then says, before more aggressive language is yelled and the video stops.

Hours later, Soulja Boy posted the apology video, in an attempt to bring the beef to an end.

But he won't be allowed to forget it in a hurry.

Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos has waded into things by tweeting that he didn't know who Soulja Boy was, but he would be suing him for defamation.

Brown appears to have spoofed Soulja Boy's street video with one of his own, in which a man spins like a ballerina on a street while yelling "Real gangstas, n**ga!"

T.I. also mocked Soulja Boy on Instagram, commenting "all's well that ends well" on the video of his street altercation.

Waka Flocka Flame tweeted several updates about the Soulja Boy / Chris Brown beef, including an apparent teasing of the 'Crank That' hitmaker by saying he was getting a "reality check".