WATCH: Naz caught on camera hooking up with a female STRIPPER

Vids 08/07/2016

While Lily is putting in work gearing up for her big fight, Naz is out partying and was snapped last night hooking up with a girl!

Cotton Club is most definitely the spot to be when you're in Christchurch, Haley and Fame from Mai Home Run recently threw a spa party with DJ Sir-Vere which Pagan Marie attended and now she's been snapped hooking up with Bachelor NZ Runner up Naz!

Pagan Marie has taken to Facebook with footage of herself partying up with Naz, ooohhhh snap!

If you're in town for the Burger King Road to the Title fight to watch Lily and Naz step into the ring make sure you hit up Cotton Club for the unoffiical after party with the Mai Crew and DJ Sir-Vere!