WATCH: Aaradhna performs 'Brown Girl' live

Vids 01/07/2016

As a Mai Exclusive Aaradhna dropped in to perform her latest single 'Brown Girl.'

'Brown Girl' is also the name of her long awaited album which is set to be released July 22nd.

Brown Girl is about people trying to put you in a box, when there’s more to you than meets the eye. Covering a broad musical landscape including mixed genres of R&B/Soul/Country/Blues & Pop, Aaradhna delivers a quiet intensity that grows with every story she tells through her music. Mixed by Dan Parry (Grammy Winner for Adele’s 21) and mastered by Tom Coyne (D’Angelo – Voodoo / Adele / Amy Winehouse), Aaradhna has created an album that demands acknowledgment, that her music will not stand still.