'Morning After Maids' have you sorted after a big party

Vids 06/06/2016

We all love a good party, but let's face it, nobody really likes the clean-up the day after.

But two Auckland women have turned that into a booming business. Called the Morning After Maids, they take care of all the mess.

No party is too big, no mess is too gross for the Morning After Maids. They provide the post-party clean-up, doing what you don't want to, or simply aren't up to.

"Like a breath of fresh air, absolute relief -- you wake up and we're going to go and get some dumplings while they clean. It's a fantastic feeling," says Rohan Prasad.

Catherine Ashurst and Rebecca Foely, aka the Morning After Maids, started the business just one month ago and it's booming -- so much so, they haven't even had a chance to put together a business plan yet.

"For example, today -- I don't know if it's because it's a public holiday weekend -- but we've had calls throughout the day and night for us to come out, so it's about juggling who we go to first," says Ms Ashurst.

The idea came about when it was Ms Foely's day to clean, but, having been out the night before, she wasn't up to it, so she paid Ms Ashurst to do the cleaning. The rest, they say, is history.

Despite being only four weeks old, news about the business has spread far and wide.

"We've had enquiries from both US and Canada, also just around New Zealand. We've had Christchurch, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty, Wellington," says Ms Ashurst.

For the self-confessed clean freaks, more than anything, it's about the people and the banter.

"And it's about making their mornings more enjoyable because no one likes cleaning up," says Ms Ashurst -- well, almost no one.