All Black Liam Messam's proud of his Foster Parents

Vids 14/06/2016

For 40 years, Lewis and Wanda Messam have opened their home and hearts to children.

They have clothed, fed and housed hundreds of children for the past four decades and now in their 70s have decided to hang up the foster care booties.

They also know a lot about the All Blacks because Liam Messam is their son whom they adopted when he was two years old.

"Eight people applied for him and we won. It was meant to be," says Ms Messam

With his trademark grin, Messam describes his extensive family as a fruit salad with lots of different colours.

The family have fostered so many kids over the years, it's sometimes hard to remember all their names but that's where photo albums help.

But after four decades, their latest foster child will be their last.

"They deserve to have a bit of time out and enjoy," says Messam who's as proud of his parents as they are of him.

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