WATCH: Jordan dumps The Bachelor NZ Winner Fleur

Vids 11/05/2016


The Bachelor remains a bachelor after breaking up with Fleur this afternoon.

In an exclusive interview, Fleur spoke to Story about Jordan Mauger, saying they no longer shared "mutual feelings".

She admits she still has feelings for him and it is still early days, but she's disappointed he doesn't want to give the relationship a chance.

"We decided, well, he decided to leave things there," says The Bachelor winner.

Mauger had returned home and was not present at the interview.

The former couple was seen in public for the first time yesterday and was due to have their first date last night following the reunion show.

In an interview with Story earlier this afternoon, runner-up Nazanin Khanjan admitted she still had strong feelings for Jordan and the "Jordan door" was not closed.

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