Polynesian film shot on one camera makes millions!


Kiwi-born Samoan, Stallone Vaiaiga-Ioasa is currently working to try and get his first feature film across the Pacific and into the US after it proved a massive hit in New Zealand and Australia.

He shot the film on one camera, with a cast of unknown actors and has now racked up over $1 million.

The movie, Three Wise Cousins, follows Adam, a 'plastic' samoan who has no idea about his Samoan culture, so he heads to the motherland to learn the way of life and become a real island boy.

The idea for the movie came from his own upbringing, which included lectures from his parents about the importance of acknowledging one's roots. Getting an important message across was vital and the only way he felt that could be done was with one key weapon - humour.

The movie has just had it's premiere in Samoa and now it's heading to Papua New Guinea, the Cook Islands and Fiji.

Check the trailer above.