Australian Singer leaves Rita Ora in tears with moving audition


Meet 22-year old Seann Miley Moore, he's making waves online for his recent audition on The X Factor UK. The young singer moved from Australia to London to try out for the show and totally wowed the judges with his wardrobe and his take on Queen’s The Show Must Go On.

Simon said “Sean, can I just first of all say, welcome back to the U.K. I always wanted to find an artist on this show that you can’t compare with anybody else, who’s got originality, and most importantly—you’ve gotta remember somebody, and I’m gonna remember this audition for for a very, very long time.”

Rita commented “You have got so much passion and so much determination and so much individuality… There’s nothing I can say to you apart from I am so happy you came on this show.”

The X Factor UK Premieres on Sept 16 & 17, 8.30pm on TV3