Counties Manukau PIC Steelers 2018

Mai Auckland is STOKED to get behind the Counties Manukau PIC Steelers for 2018!

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We'll be onsite at each home game with our Lock Box with Lone Star Vouchers up for grabs so make sure if you're heading along to catch up with the Street Team!

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Counties Manukau -

Formed in 1955, the Counties Manukau provincial union has forged a proud tradition of winning teams and extraordinary athletes. From 1950s All Black legends such as Pat walsh and Kevin Skinner through to modern day stars such as Tony Marsh, Joeli Vidiri and Jonah Lomu, Sherwin Stowers, Tim Nanai Williams and Frank Halai. Counties Manukau has produced the players that rugby fans want to read about, watch and emulate. The signs are good that Counties Manukau are capitalising on the inherent strengths provided by the region's diversity, the growth boom being experienced, and the introduction of a strong, stable and determined leadership team. Combined these ingredients will see Counties Manukau return to the forefront of provincial rugby and continue to create a legacy of producing winning teams and extraordinary athletes.