7 things you need to know about international Rugby powerhouse Rebecca Wood

Sponsored 17/04/2018

She’s super talented and is known as a powerhouse international rugby player; her name is Rebecca Wood, and our girl K-Lee caught up with the 30-year-old lock to find out more about what makes Rebecca (aka Becky) the superwoman she is. 

Here are top things seven things you need to know about Rebecca Wood:

1. By day, Becky fights fires. She works five days a week at the Silverdale Fire Station.

2. Before becoming a firefighter, Becky also trained to be a paramedic.

3. She is sports-mad. Becky is not just a Rugby Union player, but she has also competed in Netball, Soccer, Touch and Surfboat racing.

4. She only started playing 15-a-side rugby when she was 27.

5. Becky was invited to train with the NZ international rugby team to fill a spot and came away from it being selected for the squad!

6. Her first debut test was against Australia in Christchurch last year (2017).

7. Becky was selected as Rebel Sport’s leading woman for their latest campaign Rugby Fighter “How many lives you live is up to you.”

Check out K-Lee’s full interview above with the soon to be Mum where she opens up about life, rugby and more.

Plus, to see the inspiring Rebel Sports campaign that Becky is the face of, check it out below.

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