Jordan and Brook bring back another chaotic episode of the safe space

Mai Morning Crew 22/07/2022

We know how much you guys love The Safe Space, which is exactly why we brought it back. 

This episode of The Safe Space is as unsafe as ever, with a snitching girlfriend, some islander love, and some very, very unsafe action at the Mrs’ family dinner. 

With Tegan away, we left it to the boys to provide the judgement-free zone and they tried their best - let’s just leave it at that. 

Check it out below and remember - no questions asked, no judgement passed. 

Faaar out - we’ve got some questions for some of those ay - unfortunately, we can’t ask them. 

Jordan reckons he’s only going to speak in broken English after the second one. If only your job wasn’t all about your talking ay bro. 

I can’t stop hooking up with islanders. Seriously, the more broken English the better.


We need to talk about that last one as well.

“My girlfriend and her mum look exactly the same. At a family dinner I was trying to be funny. I grabbed her and started doing small humps. She turned around and it was her mum. I am now banned from all family events.”

Come on man. You can’t be putting the moves on your girlfriend’s Mum especially not at family dinner. 

That’s it for this edition of The Safe Space. If you’re sick of being judged or just want to let something out you’ve been holding in, make sure to send in your stories no matter how embarrassing they are. We’ll look after them. 

Also, stop snitching on your boos, seek help to overcome your love of broken English, and don’t be doing the ‘small humps’ on your girlfriend's mum, any relative, or anyone in general that isn’t your girl.