WATCH: Ja Rule gets absolutely roasted online (again) after awkward NBA halftime show

Headlines 25/02/2019

What's the difference between Ja Rule and chicken? Ja Rule has been roasted more times, and people actually like chicken.

After all the Fyre festival controversy, the beef with Eminem and 50 Cent, and just about anything else this man does, Ja Rule is still finding new ways to get himself roasted. On Saturday night, a viral clip showed Ja Rule having some difficulties during the Milwaukee Bucks' 90s Night halftime show. In the clip, Rule is seen trying to set the stage for his performance with a joke that didn't go over that well. 

"They said this is 90s night so they brought out a 2000s artist," Rule said.

He then tried to hit a beat drop into the beginning of his set.

"We ready? Are we ready?!," Ja asked, to very few audible cheers. "I guess not."

And in typical Ja fashion, he wasn't going down without a fight, taking to Twitter to post a tirade of defences and claims, claiming the awkwardness was spurred out of a technical difficulty.

"Y'all really be on my dick," Ja began. "Let's be CLEAR my sound was f*cked up at first and didn't come on when it was supposed to but I rocked that b*tch... thanks for the love Milwaukee!!! Great win my streak continues..."

The Bucks were playing the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the visiting team made sure to take shots at the halftime performance too. To which Ja responded with in his best Lil B impression by "cursing" the team for their insults.

Making sure to sign off and have the last say, Ja finished his clap-back with a simple message to haters: