Nate's secretly terrorizing his neighborhood with a beeping jump start battery

Mai Morning Crew 14/01/2019

Some of Nate's neighbours knocked on his door over summer - asking if he could hear this annoying beeping that's been making noise all week...

Nate told them he didn't know what it was... But he actually knew exactly what it was.

Nate bought a jumpstarter over summer - but the charging cable wasn't working so he tried to charge it using a cigarette lighter port in his car.

It didn't charge it up very well - so he gave up. But it managed to charge it just enough for a low battery beep to go off every couple of seconds.

He paid his neighbours kids twenty bucks to get rid of it for him. They ended up hiding it under a house up the street...

FYI to the people who live on Nate's street. It's under number 67... 😂