10 Things to do in Sydney for under $10

Pics 08/08/2016

 We sent Lily on a mission to find the Top 10 things to do in Sydney if you're balling on a budget!

10 things to do in Sydney for under $10:

1. Check out the Sydney Opera House 

2. Show the bros Stan Walker and Fortafy some love and hit up Burger Bro?

3. Check out the free Darling Harbour Fireworks

Photo credit: Getty

4. Grab a Daily Train Pass & explore the city

5. You'll have a blast at Sydney's Paddy's Markets

6. Soak up the sun on one of the beautiful beaches!

7. Hop on a Ferry with an All Day Pass

8. It's always a good time when it's Doughnut Time

9. Don't miss Pitt St. Mall & the MidCity Shopping Centre!

10. Keen for a night out on the town drop by Magic City!