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Having the day from hell? Hell Pizza is here to show you that's not necessarily a bad thing...

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New on the menu: The Beast, Hell's take on the classic pepperoni and The Buffalo, Hell's take on a margherita pizza. Made with Italian Buffalo Mozzarella on a hand-stretched base!

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Nate reckons Lily has a "lazy eye" after using her phone way too much

Uh oh... Don't even start.


Nate's advice on what to do if you see your neighbour's wife naked

Good advice?


WATCH: Caller drops f-bomb and reveals what he'll drop his $500 prize on

Who are we to judge...


Newsreader Tegan proves that your iPhone is listening to you all the time

You never know who's listening...


Nate announces his 8 week challenge - riding a Lime Scooter to work

Look out Auckland City!


Newsreader Tegan explains the type of guys she's into

Well this is interesting...


Lily gets roasted by Nate for her FOB pronunciation of "bomb threat"

Oh Lily...


Nate cheated on his barber, so they blatantly called him ugly

That's what happens when you cheat.


Newsreader Tegan drops an f-bomb during the news

Her first week was going so well... Until now.


Newsreader Tegan revealed how Fame keeps sliding into her DM's

Sneaky, sneaky...


Lily's awkward encounter with an old classmate in the supermarket

He looked "so good"...


Nate plays catfish with a listener who tried to "shoot their shot" with Newsreader Tegan

Not creepy at all...


Nickson explains how a massage is similar to listening to ASMR

Just let them take control...


Nate's secretly terrorizing his neighborhood with a beeping jump start battery

He's so evil...


Watch Mai Morning Crew's Top 5 Plays of the Year

Look back at the Top 5 most crack-up moments from 2018!


Lily slid right into a "California" twang



Lily can't help but fat shame two people in 24 hours

She just can't help herself...


WATCH: Burglars get "freaky in bed" to avoid getting caught by the police

Not a bad idea... if only they didn't get caught.


Nickson & Nate plot next years show line-up while Lily is locked out of the studio

Will Chang be joining the show in 2019?


Lily reckons she's psychic after nailing our brand new game

It was just a fluke though...

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback

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