Brook from Mai Nights has some serious advice for his bros who are in the doghouse

Mai Home Run 18/07/2019

Sam was put in the doghouse this week by his wife for choosing to hangout with the boys over her after being away from each other for quite some time.

Sam got a text from his wife this morning:

I think I'm annoyed at you for going to the RSA this weekend because sometimes it feels like you find it easier to just say no to me rather than your friends.

It's been more than six hours now and Sam still hasn't replied to his wife's text because he hasn't figured out exactly the right words to text her.

Brook reckons he should just keep it simple and be reminded of the main thing:

My thing is...I feel like you should always tell your partner that you love them, that you care about them, that you're beautiful. Because if you don't (and brothers, listen to me on this one...) someone else will.

Serious talk from Brook.

Take notes, fellas.