Pet peeve chat: Why ask if you already know the answer?

Mai Home Run 06/06/2019

Dani and Fame were talking about pet peeves and today, one caller came through with a good one: when people ask you for help/your opinion on something, then you go ahead and tell them what you reckon but then they tell you actually they don't need your input...

Dani said someone did it to her at work:

One of the girls in the office was like 'Should I get a Moro bar or a Crunchie bar?' and everyone was like 'Moro!!' then she's like 'I think I'm gonna have a Crunchie.'

Fame said:

It's annoying it's like why even ask me! I took the time out of my day. I could have been doing something else and I've stopped my train of thought to help you!

SO TRUE.Β πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘