Fame gets overly excited about taking a girl into his man cave

Mai Home Run 06/06/2019

Dani was reading today's news to Fame and apparently there is a lady living in Auckland who wanted to raffle off her army tank but was quickly shut down by internal affairs because she didn't have the license to do it. 

Fame then told Dani how he reckons that if he owned a tank, he would not give it away and would keep it and turn it into his own quirky man cave:

I would love to have a tank. I would have a huge tv in there and have wifi as well so I could play Fortnite...or I'd take a significant other in there too...

Then Dani suggested it would be cool idea if he chucked a chair that pivots as it goes in the tank. Fame agreed and said that depending on how 'frisky and risky' the girl is, he could even chuck her in the turret and they could ghost ride the whip.


The imagination of this guy...