Dani admits she hasn't let go of some gifts from the ex

Mai Home Run 10/06/2019

Fame said he's the sort of guy who would chuck every single thing his ex-gf gave him the day after the break-up. Dani said she's the opposite and actually still keeps presents from previous relationships to this day:

I'm keeping that stuff aye specially if they are mean presents. If say they are cool shoes, I'm going to wear those still!

Fame asked Dani how much stuff is still in her room that belonged to past relationships. Dani said:

There's only two! There's this really cool painting that actually covers a hole on my wall so that's alright...then I've got a really cool dream catcher. It's beautiful so I'm going to keep it! I feel like it doesn't have to be bad memories. And they are really beautiful things. So I still keep them.

Then Fame joked about how he reckons Dani's room is just like a museum of past relationships that's got heaps of stuff from her past relationships. 😅