Dani reckons Fame has a lot to offer then struggles to name one good trait about him

Mai Home Run 07/05/2019

Fame was telling Dani about Alice Vasquez who is apparently dubbed the hottest gran in the world today. Dani said she reckons she knows why Fame might find Alice Vasquez attractive and it's because Fame has a thing for old women.

Fame didn't deny it and told Dani it's actually his dream to become an elder woman's boytoy one day. Dani said she could see it happening because she thinks Fame has a lot to offer these women. Fame, intrigued, asked Dani for some examples of what he's got to offer then Dani replied:

You're funny...you have good taste in food...you've got good dress sense.

We've never seen Dani struggle to answer like this before. 😂