Dani gets turne don when she sees anyone in gray sweat pants!

Mai Home Run 23/05/2019

Oooh. Someone's got a fetish for gray sweat pants and it's not Fame! 

Yesterday, Dani admitted she loves seeing someone in sweat pants. She also said she prefers gray coloured sweat pants...

Today, Randy who joined them in the studio, suddenly popped in wearing gray sweat pants and immediatly Fame already started giving Dani the look and said:

Hey Dani how are ya feeling with Randy in the studio at the moment wearing gray pants? Keep your eyes up!

Dani admitted that she was stuggling to figure out where to look and kept looking at Randy's gray sweat pants:

What am I supposed to look at?? I don't know what I'm supposed to look at this is very very awkward... Anyway!

Dani's got a festiiisshh. 😜