Dani calls out Producer Pretty Eyes but it quickly backfires

Mai Home Run 22/02/2019

Dani pointed out that she's slowly finding out little things about Producer Pretty Eyes.

She noticed Producer Pretty Eyes was 'on the phone' right outside the studio where the morning show had their interview with some netball gals. But then Dani found out he was not actually talking to someone and was just pretending! LOL.

He was pretending he was on the phone outside the studio so he won't look too suspicious looking at the girls inside the studio.

But then Fame threw Dani under the bus and said that she actually asked him too about the girls:

Anyone cute?

Producer pretty eyes jumped in and agreed, saying that Dani took photos with one of the girls. But Dani quickly gave a wee little shoutout to her GF saying she didn't. 🤣