Producer Pretty Eyes made a poem about Dani and Fame in lieu of World Poetry Day

Mai Home Run 21/03/2019

Happy World Poetry Day! 

Producer Pretty Eyes thought he'd make a wee little poem for Dani and Fame and read it to them on-air.

Here goes:

With My Home Run it's fair to say
Things are often different from day to day
Dani putting out puns for all the folk out there
And Fame's fun, competitive ego - it's a hell of a pair

I'll switch things up
It's enough being nice
Is Dani wearing undies now that's the roll of the dice
But while I've got you here, I'll tell it to your face
Fame change your sheets man it's a bloody disgrace!

Fame thinks he's got pipes and Dani cries psychic
Stop lying to your listeners
Y'all just taking the mick

All in all it's been a great few months with you both
But the name Producer Pretty Eyes will change - consider this my oath
I'll leave you with that
Thanks for the opportunity
This place and the listeners, it's a real community.