Fame's mate cuts ties with hot girl after hearing TMI of her bathroom shaninigans

Mai Home Run 02/04/2019

Today, Fame told Dani how his mate decided to cut ties with the hot girl he has been dating for 2 months.

Apparently, things have been going well between them but one night when they were in a real deep conversation, the girl stopped replying for about half an hour. Fame's mate asked her what's up. She apologised and explained why she stopped replying for a bit--she had to use the toilet because her bum was 'on fire' from the spicy food she had from dinner! 

Then, Dani and Fame asked the listeners if they would do the same wen they hear something as TMI as that or if they would continue with the relationship. One caller said he would continue the relationship specially if she's pretty and hot because:

Damn I wanna eat that *ss!

LOL at Fame's reaction when he heard this. 😂