Fame asks Dani super inappropriate question during sex chat

Mai Home Run 17/04/2019

Today, Dani went through a list of 'Biggest Mistakes You Can Make During Adult Cuddles According to Men and Women'. 

Top 3 sex mistakes according to women:
- being clumsy
- falling asleep as soon as they have finished
- skipping on foreplay and rushing straight to it

Top 3 sex mistakes according to men:
- faking it
- wanting it in the dark
- failure to initiate it

After going through the list, Dani asked Fame what he reckons about the whole thing. Fame said he noticed that Dani reacted a certain way when she mentioned how women hate it when guys fall asleep right after doing it. Dani agreed and told Fame she reckons everyone hates it when their partners doze off after doing it. Then Fame asked Dani this:

You hate that? But when was the last time you were with a guy?

Inappropriate much??😳