Dani and Fame test their 'bestfriendship' with a game

Mai Home Run 29/03/2019

Producer Pretty Eyes wanted to test Dani and Fame's 'bestfriendship' and decided to do so with a quick game.

Fame got asked what he reckons Dani would never leave her house without and quickly answers: her phone, a photo of her partner (???), and lastly, her contacts. Dani wasn't sure about the photo of her partner but decides that Fame wins the first round.

Fame was then asked what he reckons Dani would choose between these super powers: flight, super strength, ability to heal quick. Fame picked the last one and he's not wrong! The correct answer was the abililty to heal quick.

And for Dani's turn, she was asked what she reckons Fame's signature dish would be if he was to took. Dani answers:

Chicken fettuccine!!

And for Dani's last question, producer Pretty Eyes asked her what Fame's favourite basketball team was to which she answered:

It's the one with LeBron in it...Lakers!

Yeeooww! She nailed it!