Dani accidentally fat shames Fame!

Mai Home Run 03/04/2019

Today, a caller told Dani and Fame how she always plays pranks on her kids because 1) why the heck not, 2) kids are real annoying, 3) they deserve it because kids always do awful things.

Dani reckons it's all good because parenting could be stressful and sometimes you just have to find ways to make things fun for you.

Fame jumps in and tells the caller how she's the better mum than his mum because at least she pranks her kids but gives them food after. Whereas for Fame, his mum used to promise to take him to Maccas when he's done with the house chores--she barely took him to Maccas before so Fame still holds a grudge against his mum for it!

Then, Fame shows Dani a photo of him when he was young (looking like he had all the big macs he wanted as a kid) but Dani accidentally fat shames Fame and says:

Are you sure your mum didn't take you to Maccas?