Twitter users go crazy after Labour MP caught out cheating

Mai Home Run 29/03/2017


The latest Dr. Dani on Mai Home Run's show has blown up on Twitter after an Anonymous caller called up Fame & Dani's show to express her concerns and get advice on her relationship with her current boyfriend.

She barely has seen him over the last two months and they never text or call. They're not in a long distance relationship, either. Dr. Dani straight up told Anon that he's probably fooling around, but Anon was firm in staying true to her man, revealing that he is so busy because he is a Labour MP (not confirmed).

The twists in this story caused Twitter user @bekathrills to live tweet the action in a series of various tweets. Twitter users swarmed onto @bekathrills' thread, even creating memes about the scandal.

Twitter users were immersed in the scandal, and got in on the action. Even creating memes.

Annnnnd decided to start an investigation into who the Labour MP could possibly be.