WATCH: K'Lee wows DWTS judges with 'incredible' performance despite suffering painful injury in rehearsal

Dancing with the Stars NZ 07/05/2019

Our girl K'Lee has escaped elimination from Dancing with the Stars NZ after giving an astonishing performance despite suffering a painful injury late last week.

Our resident queen of days sustained radial damage and whiplash after colliding with another dancer during rehearsal last Thursday.

She was given the green light to perform on Monday, but the injury flared up again during dress rehearsal and she ended up collapsing on the dance floor with bad nausea.

But to the amazement of everyone, she performed a spot-on tango with partner Scott, earning the pair three 7s for a total score of 21.

Unfortunately K'Lee didn't get enough votes from the public and she ended up in the bottom two with Anna Wilcox, meaning she had to dance again just minutes after her first performance.

Both stars performed great routines in the season's first dance-off, but both Rachel White and Julz Tocker opted to save K'Lee for her "great quality of movement" and connection with her partner.

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup didn't have to cast the deciding vote, but said she too would have saved K'Lee

"On this performance purely, one lady came out and said 'I'm not leaving', and that was K'Lee for me as well."

We're so proud of you K!