K'Lee opens up about clashing with one of the judges on Dancing With The Stars last night

Dancing with the Stars NZ 20/05/2019

It was a tough old night for our resident Queen of Days on DWTS last night, which saw K'Lee have a bit of an uncomfortable argument with Judge Rachel White.

K had just finished busting her ass, killing her Mad Max inspired Paso Doble, when  judge Rachel White suggested that the routine was "too harsh."

When White suggested the dance wasn't as "aesthetically beautiful" as it should have been, K'Lee interrupted, questioning what she meant.

"It should be beautiful as in what?" she said.

"It's a Paso, we were being dynamic with that push and pull power. You said you have to be a professional to get this, I learned this in two and a half days."

Later on in the evening, K'Lee decided to set the record straight via IG, opening up about what her reasoning was for the interuption.

"I've had time away from the lights and cameras and adrenaline of smashing out a dance routine that I’ve invested my all into and been able to think through how everything went tonight.

The competitive side In me always rises to every challenge and I want to do my very best so trying to get better each week for my charity, my dance partner, those voting and my family is what I am about. Tonight I didn’t understand the comments made about me and in the heightened space we were in, adrenaline pumping, it threw me - I was confused & didn't understand, which is why I questioned what Rachel (judge) was meaning.

I've watched it and after talking with people on set I believe what I heard and perceived was different to what Rachel meant.

I believe Rachel's feedback towards me on framing, technique, shapes obtaining to the Paso would be because she either sees something in me that I haven't yet discovered or because she wants me to get better - I'm all for constructive feed back & I have to respect that she is the world ranking professional and coach.

I will always ask and question what I don’t understand and will take on what was explained to try and do better. xx"

K'Lee has an unrelenting positivity and will always try to take on what the judges have to say, so she would only ever speak up if she thought she needed to.

And as a result of that, she's found closure and justification, she knows what she needs to work on and will go on and do it!

We're proud of you K!

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