K'Lee talks to Ben from Revolution Tour and the important work their charity does for NZ youth

Mai Days 26/04/2019

By now you know that K'Lee is on Dancing With The Stars NZ, and each week we've been asking for your help and support to keep her in the competition by texting KLEE to 3333.

But what you might not know is the reason why she's putting herself through all of this - and it's not to be on TV or fame.

It's to support her chosen charity - Revolution Tour - and all the hard and good work they do all over the country helping young New Zealanders with the issues and challenges they face, and bringing hope to the next generation of Kiwis.

Ben from Revolution Tour visited the Mai studios and explained to K'Lee what exactly they do and what you votes of support can do to help them help NZ youth.

Visit their website https://www.revolutiontour.co.nz/ to find out more about them, and one more time - text KLEE to 3333 to help!