Aotearoa Hip Hop Podcast - Episode 5

In Episode 5, we start with the story of Phil Fuemana and the Otara Music And Arts Centre, a place to give young South Aucklanders an opportunity to grow their talent.

OMAC - photo: via audioculture & Auckland Libraries Heritage

The Proud Tour travels the country with Sisters Underground, OMC, Pacifican Descendants and more.

It’s not all plain sailing either,  Sani Sagala AKA Dei Hamo and Ermehn run into skinheads in Dunedin and some of the people on the tour encounter racism for the first time. 

Scribe and other members of the Christchurch scene explain their struggles with racism and white supremist skinheads. 

Brother D and Andy Murmane meet at business school and start the hustle, selling T-shirts at the Otara Markets. 

Sisters Underground work with Alan Jansson to create ‘In The Neighborhood’.

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