Aotearoa Hip Hop Podcast - Episode 4

It’s the early 90’s and after a disagreement over networking - DLT quits Upper Hutt Posse and begins Native Base, which goes on to become Dam Native.

In 1992 Mai FM hits the airwaves.

Check out a documentary on Mai FM’s early days from NZONSCREEN:

DLT, DJ Sir-Vere & Slave start the World Famous True School Hip Hop Show.

Slave in studio
Slave in studio
DLT in studio
DLT in studio

Jazz, Electronic & Rap collide at Cause Celebre, with names like, Freebase, Manuel Bundy, Mark DeClive Lowe, Nathan Haines, Sani Sagala aka Dei Hamo and more.

Manuel Bundy, Nathan Haines, Sani Sagala on the Shift Left tour, Queenstown, 1995 - Credit: Photo by Simon Grigg via Audio Culture
Credit: Photo by Simon Grigg via Audio Culture

Zane Lowe forms Leaders of Style with Rob Salmon who go on to become Urban Disturbance.

And Supergroove mania hits the country. DLT, Che Fu & Rough Opinion connect on the road. 

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