Steven Adams shows NZ's beauty off to the world

Hip Hop Hollywood 08/09/2016

When it comes to showing NZ off to the world, we couldn't pick a better tour guide then Steven Adam's. 

The NBA star recently brought his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates to our little country. Steven Adams had time to show his teammates his hometown of Rotorua, meet the tamariki and his fans.

Adams and his teammates shot hoops, munched down some fisn n' chips, saw some sheep, met the prime minister and took in all of our beautiful scenery along the way.

The boys tested out their shots with a bit of archery and paintball.

Steven squeezed in time with the kids, teaching them some of their skills.

The OKC boys met some of NZ's elite - the PM & the AB's.

And finally, managed to get down to the deep south of Queenstown where Adams scored a sweet sheep selfie & they did a few more touristy activities.