30 problems that only Kiwi's understand

Pics 08/09/2016

1. The dreaded broken jandal

2. There is waaaaaayyyy more sheep than people

3. And it's not just the sheep that are running the place, it's ALL the wildlife.

4. Getting peer-pressured at sausage sizzles outside of Bunnings or the Warehouse

5. The sand at the beach is way too hot

6. And the water is always so far away

7. And then when you finally reach the water it is way too cold

8. Them awful jandal tan lines

9. When window washers wash your windscreen even when you say no

10. Overuse of the word 'chur', 'bro' & 'sweet'

11. The Briscoes lady always trying to force us to buy things at her sale

12. When the frozen coke machine is always broken at your local Maccas

13. And the icecream machine too

14. When seagulls try to scab your food

15. Always running out of tomato sauce

16. Always too many Cherry Ripes in the box of Favourites

17. Sonny Bill Williams always changing codes

18. Four seasons in one day

19. Trying to support the Warriors

20. Hearing this classic Kiwi kids tune once and having it stuck in your head forever

21. When you say to your mate 'no lips' and they use their lips anyway

22. When the car is too chocka so someone has to jump in the boot

23. Aussies trying to claim that they own the pavlova

24. You can't leave your scooter outside the dairy

25. Whittakers & Cadbury keep coming out with new flavours that throw off your diet

26. Snacks at the movies are way to expensive

27. When the McD's workers are stingy and only give you 1 sauce for your nuggets

28. We had to go through a super looooong flag debate to only choose the same flag

29. And the world still gets our flag confused with Australia

30. The world STILL forgets about us