Tinder reveals most popular athletes from Rio Olympics

Hip Hop Hollywood 23/08/2016

Tinder has revealed which sports had the most success on Tinder during the games.

They released the stats that Tinder usage increased 129% around the Olympic Village during the two-week period with the peak periods being inbetween athletes events.

Tinder scoped out the bios of the athletes using the app to see who was getting the most swipes to the right and this is what they came up with.

The following data shows men swiped right mostly to women who played the following sports:

1. Tennis

2. Weightlifting

3: Gymnastics

4. Sport Shooting

5. Judo

6. Boxing

The male athletes that got the women swiping right were:

1. Table Tennis

2. Field Hockey

3. Rowing

4. Weightlifting

5. Sevens

6. Swimming

Verrrrrrry interesting!