Frankie Adams makes her debut on Wentworth

Pics 10/06/2016

Frankie Adams has been busy!

Earlier this week a 'New inmate made it to the most badass womens prison in the make believe world - #WentworthContemporary'

The TV series Wentworth is a revival of a classic Australian prison drama series.

Frankie discussed her Wentworth Role and Aboriginal roots in an exclusive interview with Lani Says where she spoke about her "The character I play on Wentworth was the most gritty content I’ve had to do, an 18 year old in the prison at the bottom of the food chain, which means all the bad shit that happens in a prison literally happens to this character I’m playing."

"In Wentworth I play a young Aboriginal girl, I actually have Aboriginal in my line, in my Dads side. They later told me that was the cherry on top when they were casting the character, "

Check out some snaps from Frankie's Wentworth debut as Tasha Goodwin above!